Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day of Hard Work

On one innocent day, Kit and I were busy at work when we heard some odd yelling coming from the front of the lab. We were cleaning up our sequences on Sequencher in one of the back computer rooms, but we just had to go investigate what on earth was going on. What we found were Champ and Kevin ardently naming movie after movie from their generation, while criticizing everything from the 90s.

For some background: It all began when Kevin and Champ were talking about Total Recall (which none of us kids had ever seen...apparently that was unacceptable). Although, they found it hard to even remember how the whole debate had started.

Anyway...we walked in right at the start of the argument, when everyone was just starting to get riled up. At this point, the lab hadn't yet focused in on just movies. Internet, cell phones, and TV were all up in the air, but all those adults quickly conceded television. They didn't want to admit we win cell phones and internet, because according to them we only had them due to their inventions (a shabby argument if you ask me). But since we did start out with Total Recall, it was a consensus that we should focus in on movies.

That's where the true climax began. Yelling, laughing, and taunting were all heavily included in our little squabble. We were at a slight disadvantage considering we knew none of the horrible movies made in the 70s and 80s, but they could compare their classics to our...not so classic movies (ex. The Cutting Edge vs. Slap Shot). And then we also had to take the "Well we get good Mel Gibson (and Harrison Ford and John Travolta and Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise) and you guys get crazy Mel Gibson." Every time they came up with a movie (that none of us had heard of) someone would be reminded of another, and their list expanded.

That's not to say we had no classics of our own; they agreed on several points that we had some solid movies. Some of our favorite movies growing up were from their generation, though. All in all, from 10:30 until 2 we were very hard at work, wracking our brains and wildly scribbling out movie names on the back whiteboard. No doubt everyone outside believed we were writing down all the primers we needed...

At the start of the debate....
By the end of the debate....


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