Monday, July 18, 2011


The great Erica Zahnle was not quite as big a fan of her birthday as everyone else was. We made sure to make a big deal, though. Walking into the lab, her desk was complete with not only balloons (which got Champ a little lightheaded), flowers, and a card from all of us interns, but also Hostess treats. Of course everyone in the lab came up to the front and sang the slightly embarrassing, but classic, Happy Birthday tune. Not to mention we were treated with amazing coconut-cream-cheese-icing topped cupcakes. All in all, Happy Birthday Erica!!!!
Erin and her amazing cupcakes

"Come over here Erica, so you can be in all the pictures!"

Erica and her dad! (who also works at the museum...both of them are on the museum map!!)


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